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Natta Konysheva

Natta Konysheva is a painter and a graphic artist. A vivid representative of the “Soviet avant-garde”.
She was born in Moscow in 1935. She studied at the MPI at EM. Belyutina, I.I. Chekmazova (1954-1959). She was exhibited mainly in the company of “unofficial” artists. Apartment exhibitions, shows on large venues – Konysheva merged into the stream of the Soviet post-war underground. And as a result her works were on the lists of “other” art.
She participated in exhibitions since 1965. In the 1960-1970’s she worked in the industrial schedule. She llustrated and made out books for publishing houses “Soviet writer”, Geografgiz, Altai book publishing house. Personal exhibitions were held in Moscow (1974, 1987, 1988) and in France (1988).

Konysheva is well known not only in Russia. Her works were put up for sale in Sotheby’s, she was visited by a famous French collector of Russian painting – René Gera. Several times Konysheva lived and worked at his home.
The works were acquired by the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, the Museum of Naïve Art in Nice, France, private collectors in Russia, France, Italy, Germany and other countries.

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