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Georgy Petrosyan (1931-2008)

Georgy Petrosyan was born in Krasnodar on August 8, 1931. His relatives moved in Yekaterinodar in 1915, fleeing from genocide. The artist’s creative career also began in Krasnodar, where in 1958 he graduated with honors from the art school. After serving in the army, he entered at the Moscow Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov.
After he visited Armenia, he said: “I was surprised at everything. Namely to color. There were so many bright flowers around! Even more I was surprised at this: men wore red pants! And, you know, I understood: nature was so bright that it demanded from citizens to conform to its image. ”
The artist reflected the history of Armenia in the portraits of the Armenian culture figures: the founder of the Armenian writing Mesrop Mashtots, the ancient poet Grigor Narekatsi, the Armenian composer Komitas.
After graduating from the institute, Georgy Petrosyan worked in the Moscow Works of Painting, organized the first exhibitions of his works in Moscow, Vladivostok, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. After returning to Krasnodar, he worked actively in the Krasnodar Art and Industrial Combine, gained fame as an original master working both in landscape and portrait painting. Georgy Savelievich was also the author of three collections of miniatures, aphorisms, maxims about culture, art, and the appointment of an artist.

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