логотип Доротея

Grigorieva-Klimova Olga Viacheslavovna

Was born in Crimea in 1984
Higher education:
Crimean Art College (Simferopol), specialization “Painting”, with distinction.
National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (Kiev), Mikhail Guida’s workshop.
Since 2007 she has participated in republican (Crimean), Russian and all-Ukrainian exhibitions. Works are in the Kiev Museum of Modern Art, as well as in private collections and galleries of Ukraine, Russia, the United States, Taiwan, Poland, Romania, China, Switzerland, Great Britain.
Lives and works in the Crimea.
Participation in exhibitions (selectively):
2007 – All-Ukrainian exhibition, Kiev, Ukraine.
2007 – Crimean art exhibition. Simferopol. Ukraine.
2010 – Personal exhibition. Gallery «Ann-gallery». Kiev. Ukraine.
2010 – MARTS (youth art-salon). Kyiv municipal academic year
2010 — Exhibition-Competition. A.I. Kuindzhi. National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.
2011 – MARTS (youth art-salon). Kyiv Municipal Academic Theater. Ukraine.
2011 – project “A dozen geniuses”. Moscow. Russia.
2011 – charitable project “Star in oil”. Kiev
2012 – “Art map of Ukraine: Crimea”. Museum of Contemporary Art of Ukraine (Kiev).
2016 – Crimean Spring Exhibition. Simferopol.
2016 – “Seaside towns” Simferopol.
2016 – Crimean Autumn Exhibition.. Simferopol.
2016 – Christmas exhibition. Pecherk Gallery, Yalta
2017 – Personal exhibition. Pecherk Gallery, Yalta
2017 – Exhibition “Theater Portrait”. Sevastopol Theater named after Lunacharsky, Sevastopol

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