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Анненков Юрий Павлович
Архангельский Михаил Валентинович
Бирштейн Макс Авадьевич
Бабенко Павел Павлович
Бух Арон Фроимович
Бурлюк Давид Давидович
Волигамси Ринат Фазлетдинович
Вильям Говард Йорке
Конышева Натта Ивановна
Краснопевцев Дмитрий Михайлович
Рабин Оскар Яковлевич
Хамдамов Рустам Усманович
Шемякин Михаил Михайлович

Художники Крыма

Волков Даниил Викторович
Григорьева-Климова Ольга Вячеславовна
Константинов Роман Андреевич
Поздеев Сергей Александрович
Тюнькин Александр Евгеньевич
Чепелева Мария Алексеевна
Шабадей Александр Николаевич
Шаровская-Константинова Алина Николаевна
Шипилин Игорь Николаевич
Яшина Алла Борисовна
Яшина Елизавета Владиславовна

Художники Кубани

Best names and paintings. Artists represented in the gallery ” Dorothea»

“Dorothea” – one of the best exhibition halls of fine arts in Krasnodar, presents to the audience a unique art collection of paintings of different genres and styles, as well as the opportunity to buy an oil painting on canvas, collected by philanthropist and art collector Arthur Grigoryan collection of artworks. The art Gallery “Dorothea” has become a real jewel of the Kuban capital, available to both Krasnodar and guests of our hospitable land.

The gallery guests are offered to buy oil paintings, watercolor paintings or graphics, “Dorothea” realizes the importance of promoting true and deep creativity. That is why the gallery’s collection includes only those artists whose works meet the requirements of high art. Treating the authors of the paintings with attention and love, the Gallery invites collectors and connoisseurs ensure in the originality and completeness of the collection of paintings compiled by the art specialists of the gallery.

Painting Of Krasnodar. You are invited to the gallery “Dorothea»

Most of the artists represented in the gallery’s collection, the authors of works with high artistic value, confirmed by the relevant expert opinions and assessments of art critics. “Dorothea” owns paintings with historical significance. The gallery regularly updates its selection of works of fine art, among the most complete in scope of the artistic realm of the Kuban art collections. Collectors who want to buy paintings in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia, confidently turn to the gallery specialists. The gallery provides a professional and responsible attitude to all aspects of the demonstration and sale of paintings. That is why our clients have got the opportunity to order valuable artwork online.

An important part of the activity of “Dorothea” is the discovery of new names of the fine art of Kuban. Artur Grigoryan’s philanthropic work allows artists who have not yet gained wide fame to find their way to the public, to participate and demonstrate their creative potential in the Krasnodar exhibitions willingly visited by the audience. Should point out that the artists discovered by “Dorothea”, join the ranks of the famous Kuban creators, gain fame and the ability to create without obstacles and doubts. Today, their paintings can be bought online of the store of the gallery “Dorothea”.

The author’s art collection of the gallery “Dorothea” is certainly attractive to connoisseurs of fine art, who give their love to painting with passion and excitement. Since the collection of “Dorothea” is regularly updated with both recognized masters and new names of artists, the gallery is actively cooperating with art collectors who want to append their art collections. Showing the best paintings in the popular exhibition hall of Krasnodar, the gallery is also ready to offer art lovers assistance in the selection and purchase of works of different genres and styles.

The gallery “Dorothea”. Variety of art objects.

A full list of the artists and their artwork introduced in the collection of” Dorothea”, presented on the official website of the gallery in the relevant section. Art lovers , fans of painting and graphics got a full access to the catalog of art works, can study them by detailed photos, as well as get basic information about the cost and conditions of sale of the paintings.

The gallery “Dorothea” -traditions and modernity of fine art!

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